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Welcome, Fellow Netizens!

I owe God many big THANKS!

First, for sharing with us, humans, some of His power to make beauty; so we, too, can make such things as poetry, music, art, etc.

Second, for giving me such an honour to be working with Him, under His supervision, and with His unfailing support.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit here. And honour me again, plenty of times!

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Who I am

My name is Hosam Adeeb Nashed Fahmy, I live in Egypt (you see, I'm Egyptian). I'm a composer, but I also once worked as a computer programmer. Currently, my official title is Logistics & Customer Support Officer.

Through this page, and others, I intend to make available many of my religious (christian, Coptic orthodox) songs (lyrics in Arabic, Egyptian music; both mine, unless otherwise stated), especially for children, so that any church servant who needs them can download them.

Frankly, I've done nothing to make my recordings of any professional quality; I'm not trying to short-circuit anyone, really. These are simply the author's cut, sung by yours truly (not the most brilliant choice, I realize ... ). Therefore, any church - or charity organization - who would like to finance a better setting of any of these songs (better voices; live instruments; etc.) is welcome to do so. Just contact me.

On the other hand, nobody is allowed to make money by selling any of these recordings (except for the sole, noble, reason mentioned above). (Anyway, it would need a lot of courage to try and do that with recordings done by me!!!) Additionally, nobody is allowed, either, to change any part of any of these songs: lyrics, melodies, arrangement, anything (it's only natural, really; but I thought I should put it in writing, just in case). As for any form of robbery, well ... The offender's opponent won't be me; it'll be God Himself...

Here are the contents of my old GeoCities site.

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