Fellow Netizens!

I owe you, and God, a big THANKS!

First, for bearing with me since I started moving in (well over a year now)

Second, for your invaluable support, whether by re-visiting this page, positively ranking it, or for your e-mail. You made me feel like a really useful person. Thanks, again.

I'm still committed to my promise that, as this page continues to really take shape, you'll like to honour me with your visits. Plenty of times!

My Photo

Who I am

My name is Hosam Adeeb Nashed, I live in Egypt (believe it or not, I'm Egyptian). I'm a composer, although I work as a computer programmer. Actually, I'm aTechnical Coordinator, but that's too big a title, isn't it.

What You Can Find Here... (so far, that is!!)

What I Plan To Do

Although I really can't say I'm modest, I don't intend to talk much about myself. There's not much to tell, really! Instead, over the time, as this page grows, I'm going to inform you on:-      And let's just make it an open forum, why not! I mean, if you send me some e-mail telling me you're interested in something that might be of interest to other neighbours as well, how shall I resist the temptation?!


Wish me luck with this dynamic page of mine.
And... I'll need your feed back. Positive or ... otherwise.

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